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How to effectively craft a compelling content marketing strategy for your SaaS Business

Not only does high-quality content put you on a high pedestal to success, but it also gives you an edge against your competitors. However, your competitors aren’t also sleeping, they are busy putting out click-worthy content consistently. So how do you edge them out?

You’ve always heard it, content is king and the fulcrum of your business. For your SaaS brand, you need more than just publishing valuable content. You need to craft a compelling strategy that is in sync with your target audience. You need a content strategy that lets your audience see you as their go-to, as their problem solver, and as their pain reliever.

So how do you navigate the murky water of content marketing strategy?

In this guide, we will expose you to the tactical ways of creating strategies that push you closer to your marketing goals. 

After reading this, you’ll be buzzing with tons of content ideas that can resonate with your audience and trigger a successful path for your SaaS marketing campaign.

Let’s get started

Why do you need a compelling content marketing strategy for your SaaS business

Probably, you’ve been preoccupied with thoughts like why do I have to create additional content marketing for SaaS? Can’t I just focus on creating content that my customers want to read or better still use the existing marketing content?

The truth is that SaaS is a different ball game. SaaS content production is not all about creating an eye-catching story for your products, it is more like a connection point for your audience. 

Your target audience wants to see truly that you care about them, understand their pain point, and can solve their problem. You can only achieve this when your content connects with their subconscious mind.

Similarly, by creating a unique strategy, you are setting yourself up for increased brand awareness, stronger brand authority, high return on investment, and effective SaaS content marketing plan.

Here’s our expert guide to creating a compelling strategy for your SaaS Business

Solidify your foundation

Before embarking on creating any of your content, ensure you solidify your base. Jumping into content creation without putting the necessary apparatus in place will only ruin your marketing effort.

Plan from the beginning to the end using the necessary tools, ideas, and assets. Constructing your brand story in a way that would trigger actions from your target audience, setting up the important workflows, and defining and sticking with your content calendar are part of what you should get right before creating any content.

Getting these right will not only prevent you from wasting your limited resources but also ensure you are speaking with the right audience.

Spend more time researching your audience

An effective SaaS content marketing strategy involves audience research. It not only helps you to have a clear view of who you want to deal with but also helps in understanding their needs and pain points.

However, SaaS marketing is more complicated than it looks. As you are researching the products, you also have to take a holistic look at those that will consume the product. From decision-makers to influencers and average users, SaaS content strategy requires having an effective conversion funnel that accommodates all warring parties.

To have a better understanding of your audience, you may have to explore some tactics to get the best out of your research. Tactics such as interviewing different types of customers, using online communities such as Ask Me Anything (AMA), and Answer the Public, and building cordial relationships with leading lights of the Saas industry could provide you with valuable insight to better understand your audience.

Understand the intent behind your target audience search

Your target audience is not at the same level of needs and preferences, tailoring your content to meet the target audience at each level of their needs could be a critical component of an effective SaaS.

So how could you achieve that?

This could be done by understanding the intent behind every search of your target audience. Is the intent behind their search informational, transactional, or commercial? Understanding these necessary metrics is an essential part of your content strategy for a successful SaaS.

Audiences who are at the bottom level of the search will likely be seeking information on a particular problem. While those at the middle level may have recognized they have a problem, but have yet to find a solution or tools that can solve their problem. For those in the middle level, you have to position your product as the tool that can solve their problem. 

As for those in the upper level of search, they recognize they have a problem and have found out about your product as the tool to solve their problem. For them, you have to reinforce their belief in your tool. Understanding the intent behind every search of the target audience, knowing their search intent level, and creating content that aligns with them is an essential journey in crafting a compelling content marketing for SaaS companies.

Identify the keywords you want to rank for

You can create a content marketing strategy for your SaaS business by paying attention to your target keywords. Every SaaS product/service has associated keywords which you should be conversant with. For example, if your SaaS product is tech related, you may want to use specific keywords in that niche.

The best way to identify your keywords is to understand what your target audience is searching for when looking for a product/service such as yours. Most times, they are searching for solutions to their pain points, so if your product or service could solve their problem, then you can leverage the searches to identify the right keywords.

Alternatively, you may want to put yourself in your target audience’s shoes. Take for example, if you are a user searching for a SaaS solution to your problems, what are the keywords you will be using in your search? Ensure that your content addresses these pain points to provide an extra layer of assurance for your SaaS content marketing goals

Imbibe the culture of creativity in your content

The truthfulness of the phrase ‘content is king’ becomes more assuring when it comes to SaaS products. For you to dig into the pain points of your audience, creativity is a sauce you should always put into your content piece. Rather than creating a single type of content for your product, you need to create different content to see which one performs better?

Blog posts, use case pages, social media posts, comparison posts, and industry analyses are some of the pieces of content out there. Use each of these content types to create quality content around your product. If you consistently do this, the audience will see you as an authority and will be looking at your product or service as the solution to their problems.

Similarly, you can get creative with your content by looking at what your competitors are doing. Which type of their content is getting more attention? Is it blog posts or expert interviews? Is it social media posts or video content? Understand this and then leverage it to create successful content campaigns.

Talk less about your product solution, and leverage pain points instead

While it is an innovative approach to state what your product offers as a solution, be careful not to expend too much energy on it. This is because you are not likely to cast a wider net with this approach. Instead, focus more on the pain points of your potential customers and then offer your product as a solution.

Yes, your potential clients are on the search engine because they seek solutions to their problems, but they are also aware when all you want is to offer your product as the solution. Knowing where the shoe pinches them and digging out their pain points will establish some sort of connection with them. Your content formats should be more about customers’ pain points, and less about solutions, particularly at the first stage of customers engagement 

When you are sure that you’ve struck an accord with your potential clients, they will welcome it if you offer your product as the solution to their pain points.

Create effective distribution channels

Another conundrum you will have to solve in your SaaS content marketing effort is content promotion and distribution. After all, there is no logic behind spending hours creating content only to be read by a few people. That’s why you need an effective distribution strategy to promote your content 

The first point of call for your content distribution is your channel. This includes your websites, social media handles, email list, podcasts, and more. Use the power of social media to push more people to read your content. Assuming you publish content on your website today, you can use the next day to create a Twitter thread around the same topic with the link to the full article on your website. The subsequent days could be used to create Facebook posts, Instagram Reels, and more. For new companies, you might want to limit yourself to 3-5 social media applications so you can create an effective balance between content creation and content promotion. For example, as a SaaS content marketer, I limit myself to Threads, LinkedIn and Twitter when promoting my services. I find them to be the best medium for promoting articles. I also upload pins on Pinterest.

Similarly, your content will be promoted by leveraging third-party channels. Websites such as Reddit, Quora, AnswerThePublic, etc. could be used to push your content to the wider world. 


With so many SaaS companies in existence across different niches, having great SaaS products is not enough to sway customers. Instead, a powerful SaaS content marketing strategy wrapped around your product is a surefire way to attract leads and supercharge your sales conversion.

To become a success in content marketing, you need to identify the right keywords, spend more time researching the audience, create great content that get clicked and create an effective distribution channels. With this, you have everything you need for a successful content marketing.

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