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Top 10 content marketing tools to drive conversion and lead generation

Crafting high-quality content is a task that is easier said than done.

It involves meticulous planning of the whole process from the beginning to the end. Nowadays, consumers are thirsty for great content, yet they have a short attention span. Once they find that your content isn’t resonating with them, they quickly seek an alternative since there are plenty of fish inside the river.

But how do you avoid that? How do you ensure that you not only quench your audience’s thirst but also turn casual traffic into loyal customers?

Content marketing is an amazing collection of roles, doing it all alone is cumbersome, tiring, and most importantly non-rewarding. Let’s face it, we would be better off with a little help. This is exactly why you need tools that can help in fast-tracking the process.

From grammar checkers to optimization tools, there are a plethora of ready-made tools to give your content a facelift.

Let’s dig in and reveal our top 10 content marketing tools picks to perfect your conversion and lead generation


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As you’ve probably known, content marketing is a continuous process that requires more than just crafting compelling content. You have to look at your competitors and understand what they are doing right and incorporate it into your content strategy. 

A great tool that can help you to gather intelligence about your competitors is SEMrush. From unearthing the right keyword to optimizing your content for search visibility and exploring backlinks opportunities, SEMrush is everything rolled into one.

With SEMrush, you can handle all the technical parts of your SEO, schedule your social media posts, perform content auditing, and monitor the performance of your existing content. If you are just starting your business, SEMrush free plan should be enough for your content marketing plan. As your business is evolving, you may have to transition to the paid plans for maximum benefit


  • Easy-to-navigate user interface
  • Features are constantly updated 
  • Comprehensive SEO features 


  • Steep pricing for advanced plan
  • Inability to generate video content 
  • Limited free plan


Hubspot is an evergreen marketing automation platform that offers a wide range of tools for content creation and distribution. With Hubspot, you can use the built-in template to create and edit articles, blog posts, landing pages, and email marketing campaigns. Alternatively, you can build up your content from scratch using the platform content delivery network. 

Hubspot’s content management system allows you to organize and segment leads, enable communication and targeted campaigns and track the performance of your content. If you are into video creation, Hubspot has an in-built feature that allows you to host and edit your video using their native editor. 


  • All-in-one marketing platform
  • Robust analytics integration
  • Beginner-friendly user interface


  • High cost
  • Complexity for advanced features
  • Too much reliance on the ecosystem


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Your content marketing strategy does not just end with the scribbling of words together. Instead, it follows a pattern that starts from a lengthy research process, identifying the right target keyword, generating content ideas, and preying on the content strategies of your competitors. 

With Buzzsumo, your content marketing effort is simplified. It allows you to generate the right keywords and trending content on a particular topic.

It also gives you an in-depth knowledge of how the content is performing and what makes them generate so much engagement. You can then tailor the insight into the best content ideas to generate more leads.


  • Can extract competitor’s strategies 
  • Powerful content suggestion tool
  • Can monitor your content performance


  •  Price may be out of reach for starters
  • Overdependence on social media data


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Social media has become a mainstay in content distribution. The tons of traffic that can be gotten from social media is enormous, which makes it a necessity for businesses to use it to their advantage.

With Hootsuite, you have a perfect social management platform that enables you to schedule, manage, and analyze your social media posts. Hootsuite also allows you to preplan your social media posts so that they can be published at the appropriate time for your followers. It has a unified dashboard where you can monitor and analyze your posts on multiple social media platforms.

Most importantly, Hootsuite offers analytics that let you monitor the performance of your social media campaigns, identify the performing and non-performing posts and then use the insight to better optimize your content across the platforms.


  • Can capture every engagement happening on your social media posts
  • Can properly schedule content for your audience
  • Streamlined approach to team collaboration 


  • Best deal for paying customers
  • Limited integration with some platforms

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Visitors to your website only have a few seconds to decide whether to stay in or bounce out. Your headline is the first, and perhaps only, impression you make on a prospective reader. Without a compelling promise that turns a browser into a reader, the rest of your words may not have any effect on the visitors.

Before settling for a particular headline, you can use the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer to test the craftiness of your titles. You can even come up with multiple headlines and test-run them on the platform. It uses several factors to analyze titles and suggest multiple ways of improving them.


  • Impeccable feedback and suggestion
  • Faster grading of your headline
  • Free version


  • Limited scope


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Embedding visuals in your content usually resonate more with your audience. Instead of reading long text, readers can have a better experience when appealing visuals are incorporated. According to Busszumo, articles that contain an image are more likely to be shared than those without an image.

To better serve the visitors to your site, you may need to create original graphic content that conveys the essence of your brand in your social media posts and blog posts. A handy tool to achieve this is Canva.  With the attractive and customizable templates available on Canva, you can find plenty of them in abundance for your social media posts, blog posts, hero section, presentation, and more.


  • Wide selection of templates
  • Can customize templates to desired taste
  • Free


  • Limited design capabilities
  • Cost


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Although you might be confident of your impeccable wording construction, there are tiny mistakes that may render your content undesirable for readers. For this reason, Grammarly is a good tool to double-check the unconscious errors and mistakes that might emanate from your content.

Not only that, Grammarly helps you to improve your content readability and help in shipping out fluffs. It also takes care of spelling errors and suggests ways of making your content error-free.


  • Available as a Chrome extension
  • Can be used in Google Docs and other content-writing platforms
  • Free version available


  • Require payment to access the premium value
  • Occasional inaccurate suggestions


If you need a tool that can help you generate content ideas with meticulous keyword research, UberSuggest is one of the amazing tools that can be used for this purpose. It provides various functionalities that help to improve search visibility and optimize online presence.

UberSuggest offers a backlink analysis tool that provides information on a website backlink profile, it shows the number of backlinks, referring domains, and anchor text distribution. This information can help users to see through their link-building strategy and identify opportunities for gaining high-quality backlinks.


  • Can generate long-tail keywords
  • Uses Google keyword planner to generate keyword data
  • More chance of attracting high-quality backlinks


  • Cumbersome user interface
  • No provision for video content 


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Most times, your brand may need to communicate instructions and relay information to your team members, a perfect tool to achieve that is Slack. Slack is an amazing tool you can use to organize, and pass information across to your team and community all at one go.

It is loaded with tons of channels where you can segment discussions. For example, you can create separate channels for each of your brand departments where discussion specific to that department will take place. 

Sometimes, high-intensive topics can be hard to follow due to the number of engagements on the topic. With Slack, you have unique colors that are specifically attached to each username, allowing you to follow the conversation and provide your input.


  • Allow segmented discussion
  • Searching and archiving
  • Integration with third-party tools


  • The starter can be easily overwhelmed
  • Limited feature in the free version


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Are you bereft of ideas on what your audience wants? A Q&A platform like Quora provides a perfect way to solve the conundrum. Quora provides useful suggestions for every search, you can then come up with extraordinary content using the insight from the platform.

With Quora, you can promote your content by offering it as an answer snippet to readers’ questions. This allows you to reach high-quality traffic, attract quality backlinks and generate potential leads for your business.


  • Vast knowledge base
  • Attract potential lead
  • Completely free


  • The intense battle to generate leads
  • Answering questions is usually competitive


The content marketing world has evolved to the extent that you don’t need to break the bank to produce high-quality content. The plethora of helpful content tools gives you a huge lift in the content marketing world.

Without the use of these tools, your content may not fully trigger the needs of your audience. Although content strategy is more than mere handling of tools, the huge difference that can be made to your content using these tools can not be underestimated.

With these tools coupled with some other content marketing spices, you are on your way to creating high-quality content that resonates with your audience. 

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